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over 1 year ago

New panel discussions and new library of smart contracts and developer frameworks for Neo N3

Dear participants,

Welcome to Neo Polaris Launchpad Planathon Week 4! The April 5th Planathon deadline is a week away. We have more new resources to inspire you this week:  New panel discussions and an alert about a new developer resource to help you build on Neo N3. You can learn more below.

And as always, when you have questions, we are here to help: Please reach out through the Hackathon Discussions section or find us on Neo Discord

Panel discussion - Meet the decentralized internet (Live on March 29, 2 pm UTC) 

In our next panel discussion, thought leaders from Neo, OKX Blockchain Ventures, Telusko Edutech, iMe Lab, Alchemy Pay, and Metaverse Alliance will come together to talk Web 3.0, with Q&A. Join the livestream at

Panel discussion - How DAO will change your life (Live on March 30,  2 pm UTC)

Join guest speakers from AxLabs and NeoBurger for a discussion on DAOs, with Q&A. Join the livestream at

New developer resource: Get started with PROPS (new library of smart contracts and developer frameworks for Neo N3, from COZ)

If you're looking for a tool to simplify building your first project on Neo N3, check out PROPS. It's a new library of general use NFTs and smart contracts for the Neo N3 blockchain, courtesy of Neo partner COZ.

PROPS makes scaling smart contracts and off-chain integrations in the Neo N3 eocystem easier. It also includes multi-use NFTs that can be incorporated into projects. PROPS provides N3 developers with simple tools and examples to help you get started. There's no need to start your project from scratch: PROPS includes everything you'll need to begin building.

PROPS includes many of the basics required to develop a complete decentralized application on Neo N3:

  • Source and complied versions of a range of smart contracts (a general purpose utility NFT contract and others) to serve as references to develop your own contract
  • A complete, well-documented SDK that outlines best practices for integrating with smart contracts in the Neo N3 ecosystem from off-chain applications
  • A rich parameters directory with good references for developers who want to use the project's collection and generator contracts
  • A scripts directory containing scripts to help you configure the environment
Helpful links

To get started with PROPS as you plan your Neo Polaris Launchpad project: