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over 1 year ago

Technical workshop series: April 11-14, 2 pm UTC

Dear participants, 

We have scheduled a four-day series of technical workshops on smart contracts. These one-hour sessions will prepare you to build a smart contract on Neo N3.

Join us live on Discord at for any or all of these sessions:

  • Smart Contracts with NeoFS & Oracle - April 11, 2 pm (UTC)
  • PROPS DEEP DIVE - April 12, 2 pm (UTC)
  • C# Smart Contract Tutorial- April 13, 2 pm (UTC)
  • Wallet Integration with NWA - April 14, 2 pm (UTC)

If you have questions about the workshops or any Polaris Launchpad topics, you can reach out through the hackathon Discussion section or find us on Neo Discord.