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11 months ago

Hackathon workshop series: April 18-21, 2 pm UTC (10 am EDT)

Dear participants,

This week we have scheduled a four-day series of workshops with experts from the Neo ecosystem and community. 

Join us live on Discord at for any or all of these sessions:

  • Adventures in Using NeoFS - April 18, 2 pm UTC (10 am EDT): With Alex Walker (Developer, Neo community)
  • Thoughts on Excellent UI/UX Design, Advanced Technical Workshop - April 19, 2 pm UTC (10 am EDT): With Odd Roland and Adrian Fjellberg (Lead Developers, MyMingo, Flamingo)
  • The DAO Development Behind GrantShares, Advanced Technical Workshop - April 20, 2 pm UTC (10 am EDT): With Claude Müller (Software Engineer, AxLabs)
  • NFT Development, Technical Quick Start Series - April 21, 2022, 2 pm UTC (10 am EDT): With Mathias Enzensberger, Cofounder, GhostMarket)

If you have questions about the workshops or any Polaris Launchpad topics, please reach out through the hackathon Discussion section or find us on Neo Discord