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over 1 year ago

Hackathon submissions due May 9 - Check out these resources for help and inspiration

Dear participants,

Submissions for the development phase of Polaris Launchpad will close on May 9th. Looking for help or inspiration while you put the finishing touches on your project? Whether you need self-help resources, panel and technical workshop videos on-demand, or someone to answer your questions, we have you covered:

Documentation, tutorials, and tools

  • Review recommended resources from the Neo Developer Resources portal
  • Take a look at PROPS, a new library of general use NFTs and smart contracts for the Neo N3 blockchain that's designed to make building your first project on Neo N3 easier

Panel and technical workshop videos on demand

Take advantage of Polaris Launchpad information and enablement sessions at your own pace:

Panel discussions
Technical workshops

Ask a question

-The Neo team