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over 1 year ago

Ask a mentor: Live office hours in Discord daily May 2-6

Dear participants,

The May 9th hackathon submission deadline is coming up. We're here to help you in the last mile! The hackathon mentor team will hold office hours daily May 2-6 in Discord to answer your questions. 

To take part, you can drop your question in our Discord group outside of office hours, and a mentor will answer during office hours. Or you can ask your question during a live office hour session. If you want to reach out to a specific mentor, you can tag them in your question.

Here's the schedule:

  • Yannick Koitzsch (Fireche#1404), Founder, NekoHit
    • Specialities: Neow3j, Angular + NEOline/WalletConnect
    • Hours: 7-8 am UTC / 3-4 am EDT Monday-Friday
  • Guil. Sperb Machado (guil#4237), Builder, Axlabs
    • Specialities: Neow3j Java SDK, Neo Playground IDE
    • Hours: 9-10 am UTC / 5-6 am EDT Monday and Tuesday 
  • Harry Pierson (devhawk#5570), Chief Software Architect, NGD Enterprise
    • Specialities: Neo Blockchain Toolkit for VS Code
    • Hours: 2-3 pm UTC / 10-11 am EDT Monday-Friday
  • Tyler Adams (tyler#5857), CEO, COZ
    • Specialities: Neo Python Suite, Neon.js, Neon Wallet, Dora, PROPS
    • Hours: 5-6 pm UTC / 1-2 pm EDT Monday-Friday
  • Michael Fabozzi (mfbz#4273), Founder, Rentfuse
    • Specialities: Neo-wallet-adapter library, NeoNova
    • Hours: 5-6 pm UTC  / 1-2 pm EDT Monday-Friday
  • William Song (Lyrebird#4726), Founder, Lyrebird Finance
    • Specialities: neo3-boa, neon.js, wallet integration
    • Hours: 6-7 pm UTC / 2-3 pm EDT Monday-Friday
  • Stanislav Bogatyrev (Stanislav_nspcc#5353), CIO and Cofounder, NeoSPCC
    • Specialities: NeoFS, smart contract development in Golang
    • Hours: 7-8 pm UTC / 3-4 pm EDT Monday-Friday

See you in office hours next week!

The Neo team